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Rommel Anna
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Pal Petrucz wrote on 25 Apr, 11:34 CEST:
Gorgeous poster, well-structured sections, attention-grabbing and consistent design, not crowded. The poster drives your eyes from the research questions to the conclusions. I love the abstractness of some elements, suits the topic of metaphors perfectly. The topic of the poster is important, actual and practical. Well defined research questions and hypothesis, on point methodology. Results are explained in enought details and given enought space on the poster. I also appreciate that the published article is linked with QR.
Levente Dudás wrote on 25 Apr, 11:35 CEST:
I really like the Hobbit reference in the name and design of the poster!
Dora Ordanić wrote on 26 Apr, 11:37 CEST:
A very professionally done and well structured poster. The presenter obiously put a lot of time and effort into not only the construction of this piece, but the throrough research of the topic as well. Even though Covid is out of the news cycles, it is still an exceedingly relevant topic to medical professionals and researchers. This poster gives insight into a fresh perspective that pinpoints the applicability of linguistic expression in the medical field.